Cost Calculator

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This calculator was created as a post-mortem project evaluation tool to assist project managers and owners uncover issues that typically lead to schedule slippage or cost overrun. There are a plethora of risks associated with construction projects, but realized risks don't have to repeat themselves. All it takes is accurate awareness as to where the issues exist and how to correct them to avoid experiencing them again in a future project. Our hope is to assist in pinpointing where project execution processes can be improved, along with utilizing factual data to assist in benchmarking realistic and measurable goals for future projects.

Above all else, and consistent with the Owner Insite objective, project and organizational success guided the development of this tool, and we hope it adds value to your role within your organization and your projects.


Total $ Overrun Total Time (Days) Overrun


No. of Contigencies Original Contingency Budget ($) Hours Allotted for Contingencies Final Contingency Cost Realized Hours Spent on Contingencies $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Change Orders

Contractor Name No. of Org Members On Project Original Contract Amount Final Contract Amount Original Est. Completion Date Final Complete Date $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Inspection Failures

Days Delayed Due to Failure Fine Amount ($) Fine Amount ($) Fine Amount ($) Fine Amount ($) Fine Amount ($) Fine Amount ($) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Damages By Personnel

Original Unit Cost No. Units Damaged Hours to Repair Cost to Repair ($/Hr) Reorder Unit Cost Reorder Shipping Cost Reorder Date Reorder Delivery Date $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Avoidable Weather Incidents

Date of Incident Weather Type Name of Damaged Item Original Cost of Item/Unit ($) No. of Units Damaged Reorder Unit Price No. of Units Reordered Reorder Shipping Cost Reorder Date Received Impacted Wage paid(Hrs) Impacted Wage rate($/Hr) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Duplicated Task Delegation

Task Worked No. of People Needed No. of People Working Total Hours Needed for Task Total Realized Hours Worked Hourly Wage of Personnel ($/Hr) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Information Delay

Date of Origination Expected Date of Responce Realized Response Date Impacted Wages Piad (Hrs) Impacted Wages Rate ($/Hr) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Defective Materials

Original Price/Unit No. Units Defective Reorder Unit Price Reorder Shipping Cost No. Units Reordered Original Order Date Original Delivery Date Reorder Date Reorder Delivery Date Impacted Wage paid(hrs) Impacted Wage rate($/hr) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Shipment Delay

Estimated Delivery Date Actual Delivery Date Impacted Wage Paid (Hrs) Impacted Wage Rate($/Hr) Cancellation Investment Lost Original Shipping Cost Total New Shipping Cost Total (If Applicable) $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Lawsuits & Litigations (Previous Project)

Type of Lawsuit Total Lawyer Fees Cost of Court Fees Date of Filing Date of Ruling $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)

Voided Warranties (Previous Project)

Item Warrantied Date of First Purchase Length of warranty (Years) Date Warranty Was Voided Original Cost of Item Cost of Service Original Service Date Cost of Reorder Date Replaced $ Overrun Time Overrun (Days)


Total $ Overrun Total Time (Days) Overrun